Saturday, 14 December 2013

With the Season 3 Winter finale this evening, it only seems fitting to compile a list of YA read a-likes for this amazing show. Whether you're an avid viewer, just getting into the show via Netflix (yes it is on there so you should be watching it) or looking for some really great fractured fairytales, this list has it all!! 

Be forewarned, after reading these, you'll never look at your favorite tales the same. It's awesome!! 

Bunce, Elizabeth Curse as Dark as Gold
Retelling: Rumplestilskin
After her father's death, Charlotte Miller is forced to believe there is a dark, secret curse on her family's mill. One day, a stranger comes to town and offers to help... at a price. Now Charlotte must figure out what that price just may cost her, what terrible curse plagues her family and how to save her home.

Connolly, John Book of Lost Things 
Retelling: Fractured Tales
When his family life falls apart, David looks to his books of fairytales for comfort. One night, his books start whispering to him and his perception of reailty and far away kingdoms start to meld together. David is led into a fantasy world of dark creatures, haunted woods, a prince who is searching for someone other than his princess, and an ancient king who keeps secrets. This is a world where he must learn who the real heroes and who the real monsters are in order to make it home alive.

Day, Jessica Princess of the Midnight Ball
(Book #1 of the Princess series) 
Retelling: The Twelve Dancing Princesses
As one of the twelve princess forever forced to dance at the midnight balls for the King, Rose doesn't think she'll ever be set free. Her fate changes when she meets Galen, a solider. Together, they must come up with a way to break the curse, fight their way out of the kingdom and go against all odds to survive.

Dokey, Cameron Winter's Child
(one book of the Once Upon a Time Fairytales Series) 
Retelling: The Snow Queen
Growing up with fairy tales of magic, true love and happy endings, Grace and Kai never believed the stories could be true. As they get older and Kai's feelings for his best friend grow into something more, the dynamics of their friendship begin to change. A change which leads to Kai becoming enchanted by the Snow Queen and Grace realizing how big of a mistake she's made in pushing him away. Now she must set out on a treacherous journey to a far away land to save her best friend and save herself.

Retelling: Fractured Fairytales
13 classic fairytales are retold and interconnected in this series of new stories. Meant to shock and shake up everything readers thought they knew about their beloved characters, readers learn that Cinderlla leaves the prince to be with her fairy godmother, Belle realizes true love doesn't mask the Beast in front of her and Snow White is wakened by something other than Prince Charming. Fierce and independent women propel these stories foreward and really twist the classics around.

Ferris, Jean Once Upon a Marigold
(Book #1 of the Once Upon a Marigold trilogy) 
Raised by a troll, Christian never thought his life was destined for greatness. When he runs away from the cave he calls home, Christian encounters a miserable princess, a kingdom in shambles and an evil plot to by the Queen who'll stop at nothing to get what she wants. Now, it's up to this common boy to stop the evil Queen and save the kingdom from destruction.

Flinn, Alex Beastly 
Retelling: Beauty and the Beast
Condemned to hide in the shadows of New York City, Kyle Kingsbury has gone from pretty boy to a hideous beast. He's lost his perfect looks, his wealth and his status when he is cursed by a witch in his English class. Taking on the appearance of a beast, Kyle will remain this way forever... unless someone comes along and breaks the spell.

Gidwitz, Adam A Tale Dark and Grimm
(Book #1 of the Tale Dark and Grimm series) 
Retelling Hansel and Gretel 
Sick and tired of their own story, Hansel and Gretel go on an adventure through eight other classic Grimm Fairytales. Along the way, they learn about the creatures which lurk in other storybook forests, the truth about their own story and how to create their own happy ending. 

Lo, Malinda Ash
Retelling Cinderella 
After the passing of her father, Ash is left in the care of her evil Stepmother. Alone and feeling isolated, Ash looks to her books and tales that her mother used to read of far away lands to keep her company. She dreams of living in a place like this, a place that reminds her of her mother. A dream which comes true when she meets a strong and mysterious fairy, a fairy king who has claimed her as his own. Will fairy world be everything Ash wished or will it turn into a nightmare she has to fight her way out of? 

Pearce, Jackson Cold Spell
(Book #4 of the Fairytale Retellings series) 
Retelling The Snow Queen 
Growing up as best friends,it seemed only natural Ginny and Kai were destined to be more than that. When feelings develop, the two start planning out a future together. A future that is disrupted when Kai takes off one night with a dark and mysterious other woman named Mora, a woman who seems to be made of ice. Now, Ginny must decide if she can go after her friend and get him back or if what she thought was love may not be what she bargained for. 

Rudnick, Paul Gorgeous
After her mother’s death, Becky Randle has pretty much given up on life and accepts the cards she’s been dealt. Yet, one day the cards deal her a request to meet a top fashion designer who’s offered to totally remake and revamp Becky into Rebecca. Seeing nothing to lose, and wanting to know if this is really one big joke, Becky agrees and not long after she’s on the cover of magazines and finds herself in high demand. The one problem: she doesn’t see any changes when she looks in the mirror. Now Becky must come to terms with the world of Rebecca and learn to love herself and let the real come out from the inside. 

Veldue, Vivian Vande Cloaked in Red
Retelling Little Red Riding Hood 
Think you know everything there is to know about Little Red Riding Hood? Who doesn’t, right? There’s the girl who strays from the path, the big bad wolf and the poor unfortunate grandmother who has no idea how her afternoon is about the drastically change. Sound familiar? If you answered yes to the following questions, get ready to have your world rocked. In this collection of eight stories, everything you thought you know is exposed, changed and mixed up to totally change every notion you were taught in elementary school. 

Yolen, Jane Briar Rose
Retelling Sleeping Beauty 
Growing up with stories about the classic Briar Rose, as told by her grandmother, Rebecca has held a fascination with these tales of her youth. Tales she always thought were fictional until her Grandmother’s final days and shocking confession, that she was Briar Rose. Now Rebecca is on the adventure of a lifetime to validate her dying grandmother’s claims, an adventure filled with awful horrors and an adventure to learn about herself.